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We started Tittle & Company because we actually loved accounting, but we weren’t very fond of the environment in traditional accounting firms.

We had been taught by the places we worked that this “work to the bone, don’t have a life outside the office, make sure every hour is billable” approach was simply the “way it is” in the world of accounting firms.

We dared to believe differently.

We dared to believe that we could actually create a firm where the culture would be rewarding for our employees and our clients. Where our love for accounting wouldn’t be crushed under the weight of the load and expectations. Where we could really serve our clients with excellence and do the higher level thinking that it takes to solve the challenges they faced. Where we could actually enjoy each other. Of course we would work hard, always meet deadlines and do excellent work, but we would have a life outside the office and have some time and space to live that life.

We dared to believe that happy employees are efficient and creative, so investing time in making our culture great was a valuable investment.

Are you ready to enjoy your work as an accountant again?

Welcome to Tittle & Company. We dared to think differently and since 2002 we have been building a firm where we live out that way of thinking. A firm where above all, people matter.

As we help clients with their accounting and tax needs we strive:

  • To do the very best work for our clients
  • To relationally connect
  • To create a more rewarding culture for our employees and our clients
  • To do higher level work and solve problems that maybe others can’t solve
  • To mitigate the stress, fear and risk that comes with all things tax related

Ready to think differently?

If you have the skills to do great accounting, and are ready to be in a place where you can enjoy working in the field again, then give us a call and let’s talk.