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Who We Are

We are accountants who actually LOVE the challenge of our jobs.

At Tittle & Company we are a team of accounting experts who exist to consistently provide the best tax advice and planning solutions for every client, every time.

We see our client’s accounting challenges as our opportunities. We pride ourselves in thinking creatively and problem solving so that every client can be assured that the results reflect the best possible scenario. We thrive on the challenges and are grateful to be a part of a company whose primary goal is to our clients more successful.

The best part of our job is the people we meet and the honor it is to work with them.

We have a dedicated, professional team with 83 years of combined experience to share with our clients. We enjoy educating our clients and helping them determine the best solutions for their current situations, as well as plan for the future to best ensure success.


Timothy A. Tittle, CPA, PartnerTim Tittle
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 224

Timothy A. Tittle is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tittle & Company. He graduated California State University, Chico in 1982 and began his career at a large, regional firm. Growing up in an agriculture family in the Salinas Valley and experiencing the businesses from the ground up created a great foundation of understanding the importance of all levels of operations to a business success. In 2002, he started Tittle and Company because he believed he could create a different kind of accounting firm that clients would benefit from and that he and his team could enjoy working in. Tim is committed to helping clients maintain their core values. He excels in helping clients with financial stability, succession planning, strategic tax planning and solving complex challenges. Far beyond a conventional CPA, Tim has a passion for helping in the initial strategy of entity selection for new companies and in helping them navigate through income tax and other business complexities. What he enjoys most (besides his amazing clients) is the awesome staff he gets to work with every day. He values paving a way to the success of each team member, and watching them blossom into experienced accountants who attack problems and work through them successfully. He believes in the value of every client and that every problem has a solution!  Tim’s community involvement has been extensive for many years including many board of director positions.  Currently Tim is a member of the Chico Rotary Club and is on the Board of Directors of Golden Valley Bank.

Chandese D. Meghdadi, CPA, PartnerChandese Meghdadi
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 225

Chandese Meghdadi is the most recent Partner at Tittle and Company. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2000 and has been a practicing Certified Public Accountant for the last 16 years including 2 years at Deloitte and Touche LLP.  Chandese finds satisfaction in helping staff and clients achieve and maintain success – to listen to their concerns and advance their financial understanding.  No one likes surprises and proactive planning leads to tax-saving strategies.  Her specialties include business and individual taxation, business consulting, nonprofits and representation with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board.  Her most enjoyable past times are CrossFit, jogging, reading with her trusty cat and afternoon picnics with her children.

Eric A. Healy, CPA, PartnerEric Healey
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 229

Eric Healy is a Senior Accountant at Tittle & Company. He earned his degree from Chico State in 2012.  Eric is an efficient problem solver who believes in using the right tool for every job. He is a contributing factor to the team’s willingness to go the extra mile for one another, and his team-orientation shows as he inspires others to go above and beyond. Time management and adaptability are Eric’s strengths and he approaches every client with patience, attentiveness, clear communication and knowledge. His doctrine is to treat every client’s business as if it were his own. Although originally from the Bay Area, Eric loves classic Chico hobbies including: guitar, piano, golf, disk golf, riding bikes, trying new restaurants, traveling and camping.

Carah M. Vogel, CPACarah Pacheco
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 223

Like many of the staff, Carah is a Chico State graduate. Earning her degree in 2015, Carah started at Tittle & Company in 2016.  She plans to make a career of accounting and has proven she is well suited for that with her great work at Tittle & Company.  Studying for her CPA exam, Carah will soon join the ranks of certified public accountants. As a puzzle solver, she focuses on making the best out of any situation and reaps the reward of putting the pieces together correctly. She loves that each day brings new obstacles and that she can rely on the supportive atmosphere of Tittle and Company to help her face the challenges.

Jared Newham, CPA
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 230

Jared Newham is a Staff Accountant who joined the Tittle and Company team early in 2019.  He graduated from Chico State in 2018 where he was a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the campus Honor Society for Accounting.  His strong work ethic combined with his approachable manner have made him a natural fit at Tittle and Company.  Jared is an Orland native and is excited to have found a home at a firm that has such deep Northern California roots.  When he is not working, he enjoys coaching his son in baseball and helping with his daughter’s swim team.  He is also the office go-to for all things Fantasy Football-related.


Jessica Erickson, CPA
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 234

Jessica Salsbury is a staff accountant at Tittle & Company. She was born and raised in Paradise, just a stone’s throw away from Chico.   She earned her Accounting degree from California State University, Chico in 2018. She played softball through her childhood and onto the collegiate level where she gained many valuable skills that have transferred over to the working world. Although she is just starting her career, she enjoys learning the inner workings of business and taking on different challenges that may arise. While she is not studying for her CPA exam, she enjoys hiking, swimming, playing with her dog, and spending time with her family.


Cheryl Davis, Office ManagerCheryl Davis
Phone: (530) 898-8647 Ext. 228

Cheryl Davis is the Office Manager. Graduating from Chico State with a degree in Political Science and her paralegal certificate, she took a different path than the accountants on staff. She became licensed in California Property & Casualty Insurance as well as Life/Health Insurance and worked for many years in the insurance industry. Needless to say, the experience she brought with her makes her a valuable member of the team. Cheryl is a natural fit because putting people first is her nature. She makes each client feel comfortable and confident and it’s an honor to have her serving them. Effective and efficient, she always makes a plan to accomplish every task in her day. Amidst her hard work, she helps keep the office a fun and enjoyable space. Not only does she treat her colleagues like a family, she also loves spending time with her own family and pets.