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Construction/Real Estate

Architect and couple looking at house siteYou more than perhaps anyone else out there, know the volatility of life and business.

You have weathered the storm of the real estate crash with abandoned buildings and projects everywhere, and you know that planning for both your current and future success is imperative in an ever changing world. You know your world. You can build things, manage property, sell and buy property, and help others achieve their dreams. But what about your dreams and your financial future? As a construction or real estate business you have unique challenges and you work with big numbers.

Your world consists of challenges like:

  • Managing the risk of taking on the next project
  • Presenting solid financials for bank financing
  • Creating clear and concise Job & Project Costing documents
  • Managing your cash flow in a project based world
  • Getting your financials and taxes done in a timely fashion to meet your deadlines
  • Structuring your business to mitigate your tax exposure
  • Determining what projects are the right ones to take on

At Tittle & Company we have worked with a lot of companies in construction and real estate. We understand the importance of clarity, accuracy and timeliness in your financial world. We understand the challenges and opportunities you face, and we are committed to helping you create a solid plan for the current season, and a solid plan for the future of your business and your family. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you plan for this year and the years to come.