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Engineer Teaching Apprentice To Use Milling MachineThe world of manufacturing is a world that not all accounting firms understand.

You live in a world of mass production, of trying to analyze supply and demand and ensure you have product to provide to your customers, but not so much product that it is languishing on the shelf. You have to take risks and plan and make the best product you can while managing your finances, hiring and training employees, and trying to foresee the future of your particular industry. You may find yourself in a place where you are asking questions like:

  • How do I finance growth that is manageable and sustainable?
  • What are banks looking for in financial statements?
  • How do I provide a clear cost analysis for every product I build?
  • How do I plan for inventory?
  • How do I mitigate my tax exposure but still make a good profit?
  • When should I buy new equipment? Is leasing better than buying?
  • What is the right number of employees for my business to run at its best, both financially and from a production perspective?

At Tittle & Company we have worked with many manufacturing clients and we know your world. We work with you to plan and structure your finances and accounting so that you are in the best situation possible currently, and are positioned for future success. Give us a call today  and let’s see if we can help you to have peace of mind in your accounting.