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Small Business

Small business owner hanging open sign on doorWe are fans of small businesses!

Small businesses make up over 95% of businesses in the United States, account for over 54% of all US sales, and are responsible for over 60% of all net new jobs created every year. They are responsible for employing nearly 80% of the US work force and are the backbone of every community in the country. You started your company to provide a service or solution, but also to provide a living for your family, a secure retirement, and perhaps a legacy that can live on beyond you.

As a small business owner you face challenges that might look like this:

  • Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow…how do I manage the ups and downs?
  • How do I make a profit but not have so much tax exposure?
  • How do I plan for manageable and sustainable growth?
  • Should we buy or lease our facilities and equipment?
  • When should I hire my next C-level employee and how do I handle compensation?
  • When is the right time to merge with another business, or should I acquire?
  • What is a bank looking for to ensure I can get financing for growth?

At Tittle & Company we are a small business ourselves so we understand the needs and challenges that come with running a business, managing employees, planning for the future, and the ever present challenge of cash flow! Surprises at tax time are not something you need! If you are ready to partner with a firm that will help you mitigate your tax exposure, plan for your future growth and needs, and help you to realize the rewards you were hoping for when you started your business, then give us a call and let’s see how we can help you.